Richard, Collin & Kevin

Hillary & Nicole modeling PVE

Nicole & Geert Holstege SFN

Jill Schneider

decadence in Capri

Dayna & Sam at APS

Hillary explaining the PAG to Geert

Jennifer Swann & I in capri

lab pic 2013

Chip being arrest at Cayman Pain mtg

Hillary is a badass

Laura, Joe & Pam

Joe - inquisitive

Nicole grad cake

Lab xmas pic 2013

lab xmas 2012

ACSfN poster preview

Katie & Lori

jamie's grad party

Hillary at work

Poster Day!!!

William taking out his first brain!

More PVE modeling

our newest PhD's!!!

Lab trip to Scotland

Murphinators - dodge ball champs

Lori & Geert

Jim Pfaus

Lori and Nicole

hillary having fun

So PROUD of Lori!

lab mentoring

Lori and Laura

Dayna dissertation cover

Lori Dissertation Cover

Joe Dissertation Cover

Nicole Dissertation Cover

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Lab trip to Scotland